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When looking at a relatively young potential hire (under 25 years old), how much weight to recruiters give to the university a candidate attended and their GPA during school?

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Doris Sims
Doris Sims  replied:


Hello!  Thank you for your question.  I regret that external recruiting is not my area of specialty - my area of specialty is internal talent review meetings and succession planning and development for internal employees.  I would say that the weight given to which university you attended, in my experience, is only important to a few people.  Sometimes it can be a "rapport building" point between a hiring manager and an employee if they attended the same college, and in some industries, the university you attended might have more importance that in other areas.  Your GPA is certainly important because it shows your work ethic and committment to succeed, so I would certainly emphasize that.

Most importantly, one thing I know is that hiring managers want people who want the job - who demonstrate enthusiasm for the job, and who demonstrate they are quick learners and they are willing to work hard.  Those are the attributes you want to portray.  Good luck with your job search!