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Skillset of the SaaS entrepeneur

What are the skillsets that a SAAS entrepeneur needs? What does it take to build a great software company?

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Maan Hamdan
Maan Hamdan  replied:

The Saas entrepreneur has to have the regular set of skills of any entrepreneur plus a few others. The main differences are that a Saas entrepreneur needs to have:

1-  A good understanding of the Saas model, its benefits, key drivers, and potential risk in order to structure her company to take full advantage of the benefits, while avoiding the risks involved

2- A strong financial knowledge to understand the nuances of a) Saas revenues which normally happen over a long period of time, b) its costs which are normally concentrated in the early days, c) the long term valuation of a client and the company, and last the different revenue recognition dos and and do nots.

3- Ability to be patient as revenues could develop at a slower pace than the normal software license world