Linda Ginac

CEO, TalentGuard Inc.


Seasoned executive with a successful track record of bringing innovative technology to market.

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Linda is the Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of TalentGuard. Prior to TalentGuard, she founded a successful career development franchise, The Ginac Group, serving clients across the U.S. and Canada since 1999. Prior to this, Linda was Vice President of Product Strategy at Cofiniti, where she was instrumental in pioneering Cofiniti's global entry into collaborative financial planning using cloud-based technology and helping to prepare the company for a successful exit. Linda also served as marketing executive at pcOrder collaborating with team that led the company from an up-start to a NASDAQ-listed public corporation. In prior leadership roles, Linda served as Vice President of Marketing at EPSIAA, where she led global expansion of the brand through acquisition by Fiserv, Vice President of Business Development at Computer People and numerous leadership roles at Digital Equipment Corporation.

Linda is a seasoned executive with a successful track record of bringing innovative technology to market. In recognition of her leadership in the talent management industry, Linda was honored with Central Texas' Most Powerful Business Woman Award by the Austin Business Journal, Women of the Year – Entrepreneur by the YWCA, Trailblazer finalist by the Central Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce, and Business Finalist by Austin Under 40. Linda has been featured extensively on Fox News, and has been published in hundreds of journals, online websites, magazines, and print newspapers. Linda Ginac is the author of "Fake Perfection, "a story about surviving transition; the Career Management Certification System, a training program for career service professionals; and several other publications. She is on the Advisory Committee for, a national mentor for Make Mine A $Million Business, and co-chair for the LifeWorks Gala Luncheon. Linda Ginac has also served as the President of the Young Women's Alliance, Board of Directors for the American Cancer Society, Chairwoman for Cattle Baron's Ball, Chair for Austin Under 40, and PR Chair for the National Career Development Association.

Linda holds a Master’s Degree in Career Development from John F. Kennedy University, and an undergraduate degree in Liberal Arts from Norwich University.



TalentGuard, Inc
January 2008 - present

  • Founded a SaaS talent management software company and grew business to $MM in bookings.
  • Raised early stage capital from angel investors to scale the company.
  • Recruited an executive team of industry-veterans.
  • Branded the company as a leader in the talent management space and competed head-to-head with larger competitors and won significant deals.
  • Landed many multi-year six figure deals with global brands.
  • Built a global channel of Value Added Resellers and Referral Partners.
  • Authored and designed the Professional in Career Management Training System, the leading global career coach program with hundreds of customers.
  • Implemented an aggressive go-to-market strategy to accelerate customer acquisition - the most powerful employee engagement solution on the market. With TalentGuard, you dramatically improve your talent management practices:

a) show career paths at your company so that employees know they can develop in their career
b) make employees aware of job role expectations and eliminate performance review surprises
c) build automated individual development plans with learning resources based on employees career interests and skill gaps
d) assess employee skills to better understand talent gaps and needs as your company grows
e) find employees with specific skills and interests to place in specific roles rather than hire outside


The Ginac Group, Inc.
January 1999 - January 2010

  • Developed thriving international career coaching practice serving thousands clients with a 97% success rate.
  • Coached clients through a minefield of emotional reactions to a state of clear understanding with a career plan leading to success.
  • Invented methodology to set the standard in how career coaching services must be delivered to consumers.
  • Published in numerous magazines, newspapers and online web-sites such as Good Housekeeping and Career Builder.
  • Designed and delivered Executive Outplacement Programs for individuals and groups for Fortune 500 companies with a very high degree of success.
  • Developed and designed 56 hour classroom, online and self-paced career coaching curriculum for students and facilitators.
  • Designed integrated marketing program for NSCM to target University Continuing Education departments, resulting in leading universities delivering our program.
  • Created comprehensive university marketing program for continuing education departments to drive student enrollement.


JFK University

Master's Degree
2002 - 2006

Masters in Career Development

Norwich University

Bachelor's Degree
1988 - 1993



Fake Perfection, Book


Professional in Career Managememnt

January 2000 - present

What are the benefits of career coaching prior to implementing any kind of HR software solution?

What are the benefits of having a career coach come in to your company to train prior to implementing any kind of software solution?

3/11/2016 1:15:48 PM,
Linda Ginac replied:

At any time, employees may experience career challenges which may seriously affect success at the company. If these difficulties go unresolved for a period of time, they are likely to impact the employee's ability to cope effectively on the job. For senior-level professionals, the impact can be even more devastating because their work usually has a direct impact on overall business strategy and direction. Career coaching is a strategic resource that employees can use and managers can rely on when work performance, career transition, personal conduct in the workplace and/or cultural fit becomes an issue. It provides a means for employers to encourage their employees to seek career assistance early to prevent small problems from getting out of hand and creating greater barriers to success. It's also a way to help key employees reach higher career aspirations so that they continue to add significant value to the company.

With any talent management software implementation, we've found that organizations launch programs without thinking of how the organization needs to change and adapt to support employee engagement better.  Managers are not trained on how to be effective coaches or career advisor.  A career coach can help and organization understand how to improve employee engagement specifically, train managers on how to be an effective coach, and teach employees how to truly manage their own career.  Once understood, software implementations can be much smoother with respect to adoption and use. Even better, employees and managers understand how to do career management effectively, which is needed for any type of talent management initiative whether it be 360 Feedback, Performance, Career Pathing, Succession or more. 

What are other benefits to the employer's organization?

Employers use career coaches not only as a cost saving measure, but, more importantly, to "do the right thing" for both the employees and the organization. The benefits of having career coach onsite may include:

- increase in employee productivity and supervisory effectiveness

- retention of valued employees

- less time spent managing poor performers

- increased quality in employee performance

- improved employee morale

- resource base for professional, experienced facilitators of training and staff development programs

What can a Career Coach do?
Career coaches can provide a wide range of services. They will do one or more of the following:

- Administer and interpret assessments and inventories to asses work values, interests, skills and competencies

- Identify alternative internal career options for people in transition that capitalize on individual knowledge, skill and ability profiles

- Develop specific career paths with experience, knowledge, abilities, and skills defined

- Create career development plans to help employees grow and learn

- Maximize person-job-organizational fit

- Explore and prepare employees for internal job searches, including resume preparation, in-house interviewing and networking

- Identify and cultivate internal mentor and career advisor networks for personal career development

- Provide unbiased, objective career counseling intervention/mediation/facilitation for people experiencing job stress, job loss or transition during corporate reorganizations, mergers or downsizing

- Teach internal career advisors and mentors how to be more effective in guiding employee development

- Facilitate employee training and development initiatives

For those that can't afford a career coach internally, they can train their internal HR team or select managers to become "career coaches" through a training program such as the one we offer at